Music: Panayiotis Kokoras
Action: Andrius Katinas
Light: Nanni Vapaavuori
Costumes: Morta Nakaitė
(Non)human matters consultant: Mantas Kuliešis
Hippo matters consultant: Sampo Pyhälä

Producer: Operomanija

Co-producer: Contemporary Ear

Vilnius city contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis:
Monika Kiknadzė (viola)
Arnas Kmieliauskas (cello)
Vytenis Gurstis (flute)
Artūras Kažimėkas (clarinet)
Arminas Bižys (saxophone)
Marta Finkelštein (piano)

The Urban Tale of a Hippo

The Urban Tale of a Hippo (or Urban Tail of a Hippo) is a musical piece exploring the landscape of contemporaneity and contemplating human and animal identity.

Event space – extends beyond a mere stage and also acts as a musical instrument, where the sounds expand, transform, grow and cradle the audience. Navigating through mist, the viewers may not only enjoy the landscape, but are also able to submerge into it hiding from the eyes of others. As hunters relying on sharpened senses, they may wander around in space.

Sound environment created by The Urban Tale of a Hippo combines live instruments and electronic music, reflecting the natural and urban acoustic landscape. At the same time – it is a map of fading visions of the past and anticipated silhouettes of the future.

In this performance the material world is hovering as a giant hippo, a totem of consciousness and multiplicity. Eventually… the Hippo itself emerges.

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